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New Client Form

We have a CANCELLATION POLICY where we require a Debit or Credit card on file, and a deposit for the examination/consultation in order to schedule an appointment. If you do not call to cancel your appointment 24hrs prior to the appointment time, we will keep the deposit. If you have a rehab/laser or acupuncture package and do not cancel 24 hrs prior, you will either be charged the equivalent of one session or we will use one session from your package as the cancellation fee. Please provide a Debit or Credit card that you would like kept on file to the receptionist, if you have not already done so. (It does not have to be the same one you are planning on using)


Alternative Therapy


I understand that the following treatments are considered alternative therapy and investigative by mainstream medicine:

• Acupuncture
• Electro-acupuncture
• Gold Bead Implant.
• Herbal Therapy
• Homeopathy
• Massage Therapy

I authorize the staff of Healing Hands Veterinary Hospital to perform alternative therapy on my pet to include the above mentioned treatments, and any other treatment plans that may be discussed between me (or responsible party), and the staff of Healing Hands Veterinary Hospital . The nature and purpose of the procedures, possible alternative methods of treatment, the risks involved and possibility of complications, have been fully explained to me. I acknowledge that no guarantee has been made to me regarding the results that may be obtained. I also understand that I have the right to discuss and have access to all traditional Western medical procedures and treatment methods if necessary or required.

Media Consent
Healing Hands Veterinary Hospital may use print photographs and other forms of media material of clients and/or pet(s) for educational, informational, and promotional purposes. Images may be used for, but is not limited to Healing Hands Veterinary Hospital publications, articles, newsletters, newspaper articles, advertising material, web listings, websites, social media, etc. This consent form will be kept on file by Healing Hands Veterinary Hospital as reference for individual approval. I understand that Healing Hands Veterinary Hospital will own all rights to the photographs, moving images, sound recordings, and other media and that I will not be compensated for any use.

Pet Information