Pet Surgery

In addition to standard spay and neuter procedures, we perform advanced surgical procedures such as removing intestinal foreign bodies, tumors/masses, bladder stones, cesarean sections, surgical correction of eye and facial abnormalities, etc.

a black dog with a cone around its neck

Pet Surgery

Our pets are more than simply animals to us at Healing Hands Veterinary Hospital. They are members of the family. We comprehend the worries and apprehensions that come with the idea of having surgery on your animal family member. Because of this, we have made it our aim to offer the most thorough, advanced, and sympathetic surgical care in San Antonio, TX. Our knowledgeable staff is committed to ensuring that your cherished pets have healthier, happier, and more active lives by performing extreme surgery.

Why Choose Us

The Therapeutic Touch

In the Healing Hands Veterinary Hospital, we have faith in the efficacy of compassion. Our doctors treat your pet as a beloved member of your family rather than simply another case of them. Beginning with a kind and sympathetic attitude, the healing touch calms your pet’s fears and ensures their comfort at every turn.

Precision and Knowledge

Our team of highly qualified and experienced surgeons has experience doing everything from simple orthopedic surgeries to complex spay and neuter surgeries. We invest in advanced technology to give your pet the finest treatment possible.

Care Customized for Each Patient

When it comes to surgery, one size does not fit all. We evaluate your pet’s needs and create a custom treatment plan to maximize their recovery. You can be sure your pet will get only the required attention.

Pain Control and Post-Operative Care

We know post-operative care is just as critical as the operation itself. Our dedication continues after the surgery. We offer thorough pain management and post-operative care to aid your pet’s quick recovery and general well-being.